Personal Chef:   A chef hired by several families, companies or individuals to prepare meals that are served at a later time.  A personal chef plans, shops and prepares the meals - usually packaged with heating instructions - to enjoy later.  While many people think that only the wealthy can afford a personal chef, nothing could be further from the truth!  Busy families, working couples and working professionals are the most apt to use the services of a personal chef.

- I can be your Personal Chef one day or more a week, one day a month or just for that special occasion. 
- What better gift to family and friends than a Personal Chef occasion?!   
- You can email to tell me you're coming up for the weekend to your home and you would like your refrigerator or freezer stocked with meals for you and your friends or family.  Every meal will be prepared with the utmost care by a professional chef in the business for over 35 years.  Each meal will be packaged properly with well written instructions for heating and serving. 

How about cooking lesson parties?  I can come to your home and offer a cooking lesson for you or you and friends - followed by a sit down to enjoy the fruits of our labor.  I can teach wine or beer pairing, international cuisines or just the basics of cooking.  In any case, I will be able to offer some great tips of the professionals.

Cost of a Personal Chef:  The costs will vary greatly depending on the ingredients, meals and number of people involved.  Please see my costs below for a variety of services.  Whatever you choose, you can be assured of quality and a sincere, professional approach to every meal and every occasion. 

So, let's get started... 


Consultation & menu planning
Grocery shopping
Cooking of all meals - In-home (you don't need to be home) or outside home
Detailed menu with heating instructions
All packaging

The beauty of a Personal Chef is that I can adapt to your needs and passions.   If the packages below don't suit, I am more than happy to work with you to come up with a personalized package.  The following packages include the entree and 2 side dishes.  Appetizer and dessert courses are availabe for additional cost.

Your consultation can be at the place of your choice:  your home, your office or in my office.  We will discuss the food you, your family and friends like and don't like.  We can discuss allergies or other meal requirements and will plan a menu based on all your requirements.  Keep in mind that prices don't include groceries, so it is up to you - you can get as simple or complex as you desire. 

Then, let the experience begin!  First, we choose a cook day - weekly, bi-monthly or monthly or just a one time thing.  You can be home or not - most clients are not home.  We can choose a day for your convenience.  I then shop for all the ingredients, home to your home with whatever tools I need you might not have, prepare your wonderful, flavorful and healthy meals, which will be professionally packaged and stored with complete menu information and instructions.

Cooking will take several hours as everything is done from scratch.  If you are home, I would request minimal interruptions so I can concentrate on making sure I deliver the very best meals for you, your family or friends.

4 Entrees with side dishes for 4 people - $230 plus the cost of groceries 
(total of 16 entrees and 32 side dishes) 
5 Entrees with side dishes for 4 people - $285 plus the cost of groceries 
(total of 20 entrees and 40 side dishes) 

In-Home Meals

A grocery and chef fee will be due prior to the day of preparation.  Cash, check or credit card accepted.
Romantic Dinner for 2 - $225 plus the cost of groceries 

Imagine having a romantic dinner for 2 at home complete with cocktails and wine without having to go out or worry about driving home after dinner and drinking.  I will come in, cook an amazing meal paired with wine and leave you to your evening - complete with instructions on reheating, an accounting of each course and a description of your wine pairing.  For the cost of the wine, you can go all out and have a wine flight - a wine with each course.
(amuse bouche, appetizer, entree, dessert) 

2 Entrees with side dishes for 4 people - $195 plus the cost of groceries 
(total of 8 entrees and 16 side dishes) 
Sample packages: 
Easy, healthy one pot dinners - All inclusive $250 includes the cost of groceries 

Serves a generous, healthy and flavorful one pot meal for 4-8 depending on your choice of entree.  Choose your entree from the provided list - several selections will even provide wonderful leftovers sufficient for freezing.

"Beyond an incredible talent, Paul is also pragmatic with an excellent business sense..."
                                      -Pat Hubner

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call me anytime
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